Romanic a gourmet olive oils line requested to aggrandize their brand because the multiple awards received.

Olive oil New Born – experience and enjoy the flavor and discover it´s unique flavor and find an essence that enclose the Mediterranean”

As every December, the new Romanico essence born, the best extra virgin olive oil of Arbequina olives, dense, young, natural and unique.

– Only because, once again, it has been chosen among the best oils for tasting panel and recognized by the IOOC


Getting further in the root of the olive oils, their nature and unique process, I develop the idea of Romanic oils be seeing as an essence that include all the characteristics of a good oil.

Special and limited production with an idea to raise olive oil as an essence based on the exclusivity of perfumes.

Essence No. 1”


Into the same direction this graphic was the next step of the Romanico essence campaing

The Romanico essence oil is the most exquisite frangance of Romanico´s Collection. The essence of the olive Arbequina converted into oil.”

The work was done for DEC-BBDO company

Romanico Essence 1
Romanico Essence 3
Romanico Essence 2